1986-Thirty Years and Counting

This past Quarter The Mehigan Company celebrated 30 years of serving tenants. An anniversary we are proud of and grateful for.

Back in 1986 we started TMC working for 11 different Pacific Telesis companies, doing corporate real estate advisory and tenant representation work for them. We’ve lasted longer than the ‘phone company’, as now they have been swept up in mergers a few times. Perhaps a couple of those businesses might still exist in some fashion inside AT&T.

When we started the business it was to serve tenants the exact same way we would want to be served if we were the client. We represented them as if we were them. And we got lucky as over the years, companies as big as Apple, Cisco Systems, and JP Morgan hired us. And brand new startups and companies of all sizes in between hired us. Great businesses like The Management Trust, Jensen Investment Management, and Fiserv that we have served for many years.

We have worked on behalf of US clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. We have most so focused on the West Coast, where we have done tenant representation and corporate real estate advisory in most cities and towns in California, Oregon and Washington.

The services have been diverse. We’ve delivered lots of tenant representation, lease portfolio management, acquisition and disposition of owned properties, property management, lease audits, database design for portfolio management, and project management. We have been pinpoint focused on our client’s needs and modified our service delivery to fit what best helped them.

Some things have changed in 30 years. But one thing that didn’t is we have had the opportunity of serving some of the best clients you could find. We have a bunch of great relationships with all sized companies. We have always been thankful for that. And our commitment to our clients has been the same for 30 years and counting.