At The Mehigan Company we are calling it Assistance, as we continue to reach out to corporate real estate and facilities clients during the virus.

We, like you, look forward to the day when Covid-19 isn’t so much a part of our daily activities and we can stop burdening you with so many communications about it. We too get tired of so many similar communications from so many vendors.

To that end, we are reaching out again to our clients to be a resource as you try to piece together Covid-19 strategies with your corporate real estate and facilities work.

It’s important to us that we are available to you throughout your lease term. Usually that means reporting back on current market conditions for your future budgeting purposes. And, of course, we routinely audit the operating expense and property taxes that are submitted by your landlord. We make it a point to not just be around when we are renewing a lease or helping to relocate an office.

This year has been different for real estate, as it has been different for absolutely everyone. We are all impacted in some way by this virus.

TMC is involved in corporate real estate and facilities work in multiple cities. We are also hands-on as far as dealing with Covid-19 for our clients. We are members of national real estate and facilities organizations, and hear about the latest ways companies are dealing with this, specifically related to occupancy of office or industrial space. Benchmarking as I would call it.

We want to make sure you know we are available to discuss all the aspects of how companies are dealing with this: their lease status, and lease language opportunities, occupancy and head counts, basic safety methods, rent remediation, hoteling/sharing space functionally amongst employees, and subleasing or giving back space to landlords. And we are good at showing clients how to ‘just wait it out” as we call it. Frankly that is a strategy many companies in the US are choosing right now.

So this is an offer to have a conversation at any time on this subject matter, should you want it.

We hope you and your fellow employees are safe as we all work through the effects of the virus.