The CEO and CFO Have a Chat

CEO: Do we know how much brokerage commission was made by that tenant rep firm we used in our last lease?

CFO: No, we tend to not pay too much attention to that. The landlord paid it. But you’re right. We heard that real estate firm made a windfall profit on our 50,000sf requirement. In fact, they shied away from disclosing that.

CEO: Well maybe the landlord paid it. But if we had worked with a tenant rep company that discounted their fees on large transactions, wouldn’t it have made our rent less?

CFO: Yes, I suppose if we worked with a firm that reduced their fee on larger leases and in turn sought a similar deduction in our rent, or increase in our TI allowance it would have benefitted us a lot. Maybe I’ll talk to a tenant rep that will do that on our next lease renewal or relocation. There must be a better way!

This is a chat that companies should be having with their tenant representation firm. And before they make a brokerage selection. Whether it’s a relocation, new office or even a renewal.

We know the reason why commissions on large transactions are hidden or at least kept silent. We know there’s a better way for companies to hire tenant reps.

Do you know how much the brokerage fee was on the referred to 50,000sf lease? We do. Yes, there was a better way for the company in the dialogue above.

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