Our Services

The Mehigan Company (TMC) is a corporate real estate advisory firm that specializes in customized and cost effective real estate and facilities solutions. Our 30 years of experience in the business has produced significant results in reducing real estate costs for our clients. Whether it’s tenant representation assignments, lease auditing, strategic advisory or lease portfolio management, our mission is to help our clients be more efficient and economical. We commit ourselves to giving you more value and better service.

For many corporate real estate clients, the traditional “big house” real estate brokerage model is outdated and ineffective. It is a high overhead and windfall profit business that isn’t flexible enough to meet the service needs of its clients. When giving tenant representation assignments to independent and more flexible service providers like TMC, corporations are able to reduce their rent and receive key services for free. The modern model of real estate service provided by TMC simply lowers client’s rent and achieves better results. That is quantifiable and can be proven.

We provide:

  • Domestic Tenant Representation
  • International Tenant Representation
  • Transaction Management
  • Corporate Real Estate Database Design
  • Project Management
  • Move Management
  • Lease Auditing
  • Lease Portfolio Management
  • Lease Renewal Programs
  • Sustainability Studies