Getting JP Morgan Chase the Lowest Lease Rates


Some clients hire TMC because of their 30 years of corporate real estate experience. Others take advantage of TMC’s many additional free services or their attention to detail in transactions. Companies are also starting to take us up on our offer to reduce our fees from the landlords, in exchange for lower lease rates and higher tenant improvement allowances for our clients.

JP Morgan hired us to do tenant rep work for one simple reason; they wanted the lowest lease rate and best real estate deal possible. Wherever the transaction is, TMC follows that directive expertly. When it came to finding a new space for JP Morgan in the Kruse Way market in Lake Oswego, OR, we successfully negotiated the best deal possible for our Fortune 100 client.

In doing a follow up appraisal on the transaction, we couldn’t find a lower rate and higher tenant improvement allowance accomplished in the market. Plus, the other terms and conditions were negotiated to JP Morgan Chase’s specifications.

TMC has completed transactions around the World. As one client commented, “We know in all our transactions wherever they are that TMC will find the most significant leverage points and space alternatives to make for a competitive situation for our tenancy. When they do that, we naturally get terrific rates and deals.”

But there’s more to a transaction than getting a low rental rate. Tenants need to pick the best landlord in the market. In the Lake Oswego submarket, that was Shorenstein Properties. Crafting a win-win relationship with a landlord is as important as the rate. Because TMC doesn’t represent landlords, we avoid dual agency. Having an impartial tenant representative who’s oriented to getting clients the lowest rate and best terms possible is a winning formula. It was for JP Morgan Chase in Lake Oswego!

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