TMC Negotiates a Great Deal in Ohio


Since 1986, The Mehigan Company, Inc. (TMC) has had the honor of serving clients locally, nationally and internationally with exceptional tenant representation. When it comes to representing tenants on lease transactions, corporations are starting to look at how economically inefficient big brokerages are. The big brokerages are required to work with each of their local offices, regardless of the quality of work offered in those locations. When our client, a CheckFree company, needed 10,000rsf of office space in Toledo, Ohio, we implemented economic efficiencies to lower the costs of the transaction for our client.

As part of our service, TMC hired a Toledo-based appraiser to give us appraisals of the specific proposals we received throughout the market. Our market survey contained every possible availability in Toledo, Ohio. We worked directly with a landlord to negotiate a great deal for our client. After accomplishing a $12/rsf/year rate, our clients were happy with our service and their low rental costs.

We are regularly working locally, nationally, and internationally. Why don’t you give us a call on your next transaction? Make it one outside your local market and you’ll see some of the added services and economic savings we can deliver that our competitors can’t provide.