TMC Completes 2 More Leases for The Management Trust


For many years now, The Management Trust has given TMC the privilege of them as tenants and providing corporate real estate advisory throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Recently we served them in negotiating for a terrific lease in Portland, Oregon. We also opened a new small office for them in Bend, and are currently providing market insights for them in Kirkland, Washington.

It’s been a great relationship for our firm, and one that has been based on a lot of mutual trust by both us and The Management Trust.

Many years ago when we first started this specialty business of tenant representation we noticed how many of the commercial real estate brokerages operated in an almost adversary position to their tenant clients. They complained about the paperwork, how long it took to do their deal, how they weren’t getting paid enough for this, and how bothersome their clients were in wanting all the details right in their transactions.

We capitalized on this by serving clients in the exact opposite way. Our client’s needs were our needs. We focused on getting the paperwork detailed to exact accuracy. How long it took to do a deal was irrelevant to us. And this philosophy benefitted both us and our clients. They saw the difference in the nature of our service. They hired us, and did repeat business for many years.

Most importantly we found that the mutual trust really aligned our goals to our clients. They respected that and have since been hugely loyal to us.

That’s how our relationship works with The Management Trust, and because of it we achieve great results together. And by the way, that’s how The Management Trust works with their clients. It all makes sense.

New clients seem to find us. But we absolutely appreciate the opportunity to meet with new potential clients to see if we can replicate that relationship model.